Cold Therapy Systems for Hip

SKU: TP-7777

Cold therapy systems for hip provides intermittent compression therapy to reduce pain and swelling for post-surgical use. This device fits a circumference up to 50” and includes one gel pack for cooling treatments.

Here are some surgeries and injuries where cold therapy can help with recovery:

  • Hip replacement– Post-operative care after a hip replacement is critical to help rehabilitate patients and lessen patient risk. To reduce deep vein thrombosis risk, most surgeons will prescribe post-op compression therapy to reduce deep vein thrombosis risk. Combine compression therapy with cryotherapy to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Hemiarthroplasty- Hemiarthroplasty is an invasive surgery. In this operation, half of a patient’s hop is replaced with an implant. In a pilot study from a Dutch hospital, surgeons found that continuous-flow cryotherapy combined with intermittent compression helped patients lower pain scores and use less post-operative pain medication.
  • Hip resurfacing– This form of hip replacement surgery only places an implant in the area of a damaged tissue or bone. Pneumatic compression and cryotherapy have been successfully implemented to manage acute tissue damage.
  • Sprains, strains, or fractures– Hip fractures are a serious condition and one of the biggest causes of long-term disability. For a faster recovery, reduced pain and swelling, and DVT prevention, surgeons may prescribe cold therapy devices or compression devices.

Suggested HCPCS: A9270

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