DVT Pump, Compression Device for Clinical Settings

SKU: E0676

Designed for durability in busy hospital and clinic settings, the Triple Play Pro DVT compression device helps prevent deep vein thrombosis after surgery. This pneumatic compression pump provides alternating, intermittent sequential compression for DVT prevention. In addition, the Triple Play Facility SCD pump utilizes cold and compression therapy using the additional AUX port. Triple Play Pro fosters a continuum of care from hospital to home when used with the Triple Play VT DVT-EZ Home Care Kit.


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DVT Compression Device Benefits:

  • The Triple Play Pro Pump is a robust pump that powers new foot and full-leg DVT wraps.
  • Included in the facility pump is a built-in bed hook for easy hospital use.
  • Up to four hours of reserve battery power while not plugged in, allowing for mobility.
  • The pump includes a time monitor to track patient usage.
  • DVT compression clinical pump is built with a compact size of 7.5 x 7.5 x 5.0 inches and weighs approximately 2.75 pounds.

As with all Compression Solutions devices, all customers get expert-driven 27/4 customer service support to help troubleshoot any problems with the device.

Suggested HCPCs: E0676

The Triple Play DVT wrap is listed in the TPVT-01 510(k) as part of the DVT
system. See the TPVT-01 PDAC letter for applicable PDAC codes.

  • TP-3333
  • TP-3636
  • TP-3434

Questions about the Triple Play Pro Facility SCD Pump

Absolutely — the clinical pump was designed specifically to serve healthcare providers in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and other clinical settings. 

Refer to our YouTube channel for a quick demonstration of the Triple Play Pro in service, how to use the time functions, and troubleshooting tips. Please refer to your instruction manual for full details.

Yes, we also offer the Triple Play VT DVT-EZ Home Care Kit, which is designed to help patients recover at home after surgery.


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