SKU: E0676

Designed for durability in busy hospital and clinic settings, the Triple Play Pro helps prevent DVT after surgery or while patients are non-ambulatory. Like the Triple Play VT®, it provides alternating, intermittent sequential compression for DVT prevention, as well as cold and compression therapy using the additional AUX port. Triple Play Pro fosters a continuum of care from hospital to home when used with the Triple Play VT DVT-EZ Home Care Kit.

  • More robust pump to power new foot and full-leg DVT wraps
  • Built-in bed hook for easy hospital use
  • 4 hours of reserve battery power while not plugged in
  • Time monitor to track patient usage
  • Compact size is 7.5 x 7.5 x 5.0 inches
  • Weighs approximately 2.75 pounds
  • Expert, 24/7 customer service from Compression Solutions

Suggested HCPCs: E0676

The Triple Play DVT wrap is listed in the TPVT-01 510(k) as part of the DVT
system. See the TPVT-01 PDAC letter for applicable PDAC codes.

  • TP-3333
  • TP-3636
  • TP-3434

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