Portable Sequential Compression Device (SCDS) DVT Prevention Pump

SKU: E0676

The Triple Play VT DVT-EZ Home Care Kit contains one portable Sequential Compression Device (SCDS) DVT prevention pump and two calf sleeves. The sleeves connect directly to the pump, providing alternating, intermittent sequential compression to help prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Triple Play VT: Everything Needed for DVT Prevention at Home

Provide your patients with the best, most convenient SCD DVT prevention care — even outside of a clinical setting. 

 Lightweight, Compact Design

The SCDS DVT pump is portable and can be taken outside of a clinical setting. The device weighs only a pound, meaning that patients can easily handle and use the pump. 

The patient can control their post-op recovery with the touch of a button. This feature allows a patient to adjust compression to their comfort level or doctor’s recommendation. 

Convenient to Use

For portable use, this device runs on a rechargeable battery, meaning the patient doesn’t need to worry about staying connected to a power source at all times. 

This design means that patients have mobility during treatment and can continue daily activities as permitted by their healthcare provider.

For maximum comfort, the calf sleeves adjust for a custom fit. 

Additional Product Information

Helping your patients with a fast and smooth recovery, Compression Solutions provides 24/7 expert customer service support. This helps surgeons, reps, and patients expedite their recovery or treatment process. 

Suggested HCPCS: E0676

The Triple Play DVT wrap is part of the TPVT-01 510(k) as part of the DVT
system. See the TPVT-01 PDAC letter for applicable PDAC codes.

  • TP-3333
  • TP-3636
  • TP-3434

Triple Play VT Home SCD Pump Demonstration Video

Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs) are used to prevent deep vein thrombosis after surgery for patients at risk. Without proper preventative care, DVT can be the catalyst for several life-threatening complications.

The device uses intermittent mechanical compression to massage the lower leg or other extremities. This promotes blood flow and reduces the risk of blood clots developing after surgery.

The Home Pump has a compact design that’s perfect for home use, while the clinical pump is designed for durability in a clinical setting. Triple Play Pro, the clinical device, provides a continuum of care from hospital to home when used together with the home pump.

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