Managing the Reimbursement Process.

Working alongside insurance companies for reimbursement is time consuming. This is why Compression Solutions has a team of experts that will help facilitate medical billing for our products on your behalf. This will not only save our customers time, but allows patients to receive DVT treatment without any behind-the-scenes hassle. 

Medical Billing

General Billing Services

Compression Solutions provides DVT preventative devices to physicians and surgical facilities, and in return works with insurance companies in regards to billing. This service is completely unique to our products. 


Because ASCs are not licensed to bill for durable medical equipment, Compression Solutions will work alongside a facility to help treat patients without a heavy out of pocket cost for the patient or the surgery center. This helps patients receive the best post-surgical care without being concerned about how to afford a compression device. 

Using modern technology in ASCs
Billing insurance

Billing for In Clinic or At Home Usage

Whether our DVT prevention devices are used in a facility or at the home of a patient, Compression Solutions will provide the compression equipment and then work with insurance on the billing aspect. If a patient’s insurance does not cover our product, we work alongside with the medical provider and facility to keep the patients out of pocket cost as low as possible. Do you have more questions about how our billing services work?  Learn about our customer service offerings here.

Grow with Compression Solutions

Equip your hospital or surgery center with medical devices, software and billing services from Compression Solutions