Helping DVT Prevention At Home

Life Saving Technology

Whether you are a surgery center, hospital, or orthopedic specialist looking for a mechanical DVT solution, Compression Solutions is a great partner for you. We provide digital compression and cold compression therapy devices for in-surgery and post-operative use. For some patients, the biggest risk after surgery is during the recovery, that’s where our products come into play. Each of our sequential, digital compression devices are portable, rechargeable, and simple to use. Our Plasma Flow device is tubeless allowing patients to take their recovery anywhere.

PRO-MAPP EMR software

Automate Revenue Cycle Management

Managing high-caseloads at a busy surgery center is challenging. Compression Solutions is helping automate records that were once a manual process. PRO-MAPP is the answer to decreasing clerical inefficiencies within ASCs. Integrating this software takes less than a week and will eliminate postoperative dictation and produce charge sheets instantly. After using PRO-MAPP, office staff can be allocated to more important tasks, bill sheets will be submitted faster which means payments will be processed quicker, and patient recovery will be easier to track.

Expert Billing

Compression Solutions has an extensive billing network and long history of working with medical reps and insurance companies. Partnering with us means we will manage the billing process from start to finish. By facilitating revenue generation through the medical billing process we will optimize and simplify a typically challenging process.

About Compression Solutions

Compression Solutions was started in 2011 when the company began distributing TriplePlay at-home DVT prevention kits. Today, the company is a subsidiary of Essity, and continues to provide top-quality cold compression devices. Our goal is to be a leader in surgical technology while helping implement top-tier products to assist with medical billing and solving inefficiencies in surgical facilities. At the end of the day, our company not only provides life saving medical equipment, but helps surgery centers save money, and device reps expand their portfolio of offerings.

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