Reduce inefficiencies that affect the operating room

Working as an administrator at a high-caseload surgery center is challenging. Compression Solutions is partnering with PRO-MAPP to digitize records and revolutionize a once-painstaking manual process. PRO-MAPP facilitates administrative efficiency, speeds up medical billing, reduces overhead, and  promotes higher-quality patient data.

This software works alongside an electronic health records system to help reduce costs and improve revenue cycle management. This installation process is fast and inexpensive, helping surgery centers adopt with ease.

Want the secret to streamline workflows while improving efficiency?

Put Your Busy Work on Autopilot

Surgeons no longer have to spend precious time on post-operative dictation. Thanks to PRO-MAPP and its cloud-based operative data capture capabilities, ASCs can save time and money. In fact, high-volume surgery centers can save up to $3,000 every month in dictation fees.

PRO-MAPP also allows administrators to send out coded operative reports as soon as the patient is in recovery. This allows revenue cycle management to start on the same day of service. And with a completion rate of 99.9%, surgeons are able to track patient recovery more closely than ever before.

Surgeon using digital device
PRO-MAPP EMR software

Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Following an operation, PRO-MAPP software compiles and sends charge sheets right away — helping surgery centers receive reimbursement much faster. By utilizing PRO-MAPP, surgery centers can reduce time from service to billing by up to 68%.

Less Paperwork & Improved Digital Workflow

PRO-MAPP does help streamline revenue cycle management and improve workflows. However, another feature allows surgery centers to use less paper and utilize automated processes. The result? Better records, data that’s easy-to-find, efficient back office workflows, and huge savings.

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How PRO-MAPP Is Helping Surgeons and Healthcare Administrators

“I don’t know of any other platform that has the priorities of the surgeon and patient at the top of the list.”
“With PRO-MAPP, I have a billable op-notes before the patient arrives in PACU”
Meagan Donald
Surgery Centers utilize PRO-MAPP to automate internal processes and eliminate inefficiencies.

PRO-MAPP Delivers:

Outcome Reporting

Operative Reports

Revenue Management

Time Savings

Satisfaction Reporting

Automated Data

Questions about Pro-MAPP

PRO-MAPP is not itself an EMR, but integrates with your existing EMR to automate revenue cycle management and improve patient experience.

PRO-MAPP does so much more than just digitizing patient data. It’s a total revenue management system, allowing surgery centers to eliminate or automate busy work and reclaim thousands every month of lost revenue. Plus, you’ll have far more higher-quality patient data, allowing you to provide better service and grow your practice.

Our team will get you up and running as quickly as possible. Thanks to our experienced team and the intuitive software, the whole process should take just a few weeks to roll out once you are on board.

We’d be happy to provide you a demo of the PRO-MAPP software and talk with you about your specific needs. Contact us at 800-994-0464, or email us at

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