Eliminating inefficiencies that affect the OR 

Working as an administrator at a high-caseload surgery center is challenging. Compression Solutions is partnering with PRO-MAPP to digitize records that were once a manual process. This platform is proven to help gain efficiencies, reduce overhead, and gather more patient data.

Eliminating Busy Work 

By using the cloud based operative data capture capabilities, surgeons will not have to formalize post-operative dictation after surgery. In total, this feature has the ability to save high volume surgery centers $3,000 monthly in dictation fees. 

PRO-MAPP  also allows coded operative reports to be sent out as soon as the patient is in recovery allowing revenue cycle management to start same day of service.  With a completion rate of 99.9%, surgeons are able to track patient recovery more closely than ever before.

PRO-MAPP EMR software

Streamlined Revenue Cycle Management

All charge sheets will be digitally compiled and sent following the operation helping surgery centers receive reimbursement faster. By utilizing PRO-MAPP, it’s common to see surgery centers reduce time from service to billing by 68%.  

Less Paperwork & Improved Digital Workflow

Not only does this platform allow for streamlined revenue management as well as improved workflows, this tool allows for surgery centers to use less paper and utilize automated processes. Outcomes of this benefit include better records, easy-to-find data, efficient back office workflows, and astronomical savings. 

PRO-MAPP Testimonials

“I don’t know of any other platform that has the priorities of the surgeon and patient at the top of the list.”
“With PRO-MAPP, I have a billable op-notes before the patient arrives in PACU”
Meagan Donald
Surgery Centers utilize PRO-MAPP to automate internal processes and eliminate inefficiencies.

PRO-MAPP Delivers:

Outcome Reporting

Operative Reports

Revenue Management

Time Savings

Satisfaction Reporting

Automated Data

Modern DVT Prevention

Compression Solutions is a trusted partner helping with safe post-surgical practices and at-home treatment options.