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While known for our DVT prevention technology, Compression Solutions offers much more to bringing top-tier technology to help hospitals, reps, and even patients. Our team consists of experts in the medical billing space and can help you navigate reimbursements for our medical equipment. The Compression Solutions product suite consists of DME products as well as software that will help automate surgical workflows. Our software helps surgery centers save thousands of dollars in administrative costs by generating bill sheets, eliminating post-operative dictation, and digitizing paper processes.

While we stand behind our products, we also provide impactful customer service. When selling Compression Solutions products, distributors should never feel alone in the field. This is why we offer training, 24-hour customer service, as well as sales reps in with territories specific to your geographic location.

Impacting Your Sales

After partnering with Compression Solutions, one Midwest-based arthroscopy distributor enhanced his income by $54,000. With the partnership, he was able to provide his current customer with a DVT prevention package that he could trust.

DVT Devices Aiding Surgery Centers

Automate DVT devices and digital workflows to accelerate the revenue cycle.


Surgery Centers have to avoid complications and SCDs allow them to remove the complications using anti-coagulant drugs.

Want to sell top tier DVT devices?

When you partner with Compression Solutions, you partner with an experienced sales team that is ready to field your comments, questions, or concerns while providing support.

Have any questions? Contact the lead distributor for your territory.

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