PlasmaFlow: Sequential Compression

SKU: E0676

The PlasmaFlow is an easy-to-use sequential compression system that can be used at home or in a clinical setting. This device helps prevent the onset of DVT in patients by stimulating blood flow in the extremities. By simulating muscle contractions blood flow, the risk for DVT decreases. The PlasmaFlow is tubeless allowing the patient to recover from anywhere.

This device promotes patient portability and ease:

  • This compression system is portable, lightweight, and tubeless with the ability to treat patients in a clinical or home setting.
  • This is a tubeless device and made to be portable. This is why this device uses a long-lasting, rechargeable battery and can operate for up to 10 hours on one charge.
  • There are two compression modes helping accommodate the recovery of different patients. The device has two modes including slow inflation or Step-Up Technology allowing the unit to increase pressure in slower increments.
  • The device has two LCD screens to monitor usage and pressure.

Additional medical benefits of compression therapy:

  • Helps prevent onset deep vein thrombosis after orthopedic surgery with intermittent compression.
  • Provides an alternative to additional pharmaceuticals that doctors can prescribe post-operatively.
  • The tubeless design provides convenient at-home therapy, improving the patient experience.

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