Supply chain delays are plaguing many different aspects of the medical device industry. When ordering product, many hospitals and surgery centers are seeing backordered devices. Likewise, device companies are struggling to get parts ordered to distribute devices.

However, Compression Solutions is fully stocked with PlasmaFlow, a tubeless compression device used to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

When it comes to compression devices to prevent DVT, there are alternative medications surgeons can prescribe. But, depending on where the clot is located, the prescriptions may be ineffective. Likewise, many surgeons do not want to prescribe additional medications following the surgery as they want the patient’s body to return to a natural state without adding extra medications.

Product Benefits

PlasmaFlow has a rechargeable battery attached so that patients can wear the wraps at-home without fall risk of tubes. Once the devices are turned on, sequential compression is applied to the calves to simulate walking. This helps move blood back so the body can return to its natural state.

While various vendors distribute PlasmaFlow, Compression Solutions takes additional steps to ensure patient satisfaction, allowing the surgeon or device rep to have less troubleshooting calls or frustrations.

When PlasmaFlow devices are shipped to the Compression Solutions warehouse, the products are tested and charged in our U.S. based warehouse. This means, that when the patient receives the product, it will be charged and ready for use. In addition, the PlasmaFlow products distributed by Compression Solutions have a 1% return rate.

When the Patient Receives PlasmaFlow

Even with amplified quality assurance, sometimes products do not work correctly, or the patient will struggle with learning how to use the compression sleeves. However, when you order from Compression Solutions, you have access to 24/7 support that is based in the U.S. This team is comprised of product experts who can help with anything from product troubleshooting to medical billing. You can reach our customer service department here or call 800-994-0464.

However, if a product does not work or is damaged, Compression Solutions will send a replacement within 24 hours via FedEx.

PlasmaFlow products are not on consignment, so once a patient receives the product the rep does not need to follow up with product returns. In fact, the patient can continue to use the product to improve circulation or utilize when sitting for long periods of time.

Who Is a Good Candidate for DVT Prevention Devices

PlasmaFlow is great in preventing DVT for anyone who is recovering from surgery and will spend more time than normal sitting. However, it’s highly recommended to patients who are labeled as moderate to high risk for DVT, patients with a clotting disorder, or someone who will be immobile for a considerable amount of time.

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