ambIT: Electronic Pain Control System

The ambIT electronic pump provides intermittent delivery of medication based on a programmed rate. The ambIT can be used on pediatric or adult patients to bolus local anesthetic that manages breakthrough pain. This device is proven to reduce patient opioid use, shorten hospital stays, and reduce pain. 

The ambIT* infuses a numbing medication through a catheter into the surgical area or near a nerve to block the pain signals from being transferred to the brain. This is set up during surgery, so when patients wake up their pain is already under control.

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What can the ambIT pain pump do for your surgery center?

  • Aids in comfortable recoveries for your patients
  • Provides pain relief without side effects associated with narcotics
  • Can stimulate faster recovery and early release
  • Allows patients to recover from home due to its small, easy-to-use design 
  • Requires zero maintenance, meaning patients and providers can focus on recovery
  • Easy to program and use
  • Facilitates titratable infusion rates, allowing for precise dosage adjustments
  • Outstanding accuracy (+/- 6%) and safety features

 Questions about the ambIT pump

The ambIT pump provides pain management for the entirety of a patient’s recovery after surgery. Proper care of the pump, such as not showering with the device, will ensure the device continues to function properly.

After clearing any prior history for a previous patient, you can easily program the ambIT pump by selecting the type and amount of infusion, and then confirming the information before administering. To prevent patient tampering with the programming, you can also enable the Patient Lock Out feature. Consult the clinician’s manual for full instructions.

A blinking green RUN light (inside the BOLUS or FUNCTION button) and “ml” (volume infused) in the Pump display indicate that the Pump is infusing. Consult the patient manual for full instructions.

Patients should always follow their healthcare providers’ instructions for proper removal. Proper removal includes following procedures for safety and sanitization.

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ambIT Pain Pump: Further information

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