ambIT: Electronic Pain Control System

The ambIT electronic pump provides intermittent delivery of medication based on a programmed rate. The ambIT can be used on pediatric or adult patients and will bolus local anesthetic to manage breakthrough pain. This device is proven to reduce patient opioid use, shorten hospital stays, and reduce pain. 

The ambIT* infuses a numbing medication through a catheter into the surgical area or near a nerve to block the pain signals from being transferred to the brain. This is set up during surgery, so when patients wake up their pain is already being controlled.

Here are some additional added benefits of the ambIT pain pump: 

  • Aiding in comfortable recoveries
  • Pain relief without side effects associated with narcotics
  • Can stimulate faster recovery
  • Small, lightweight design allowing patients to recover from anywhere
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Titratable infusion rates

Learn more about the ambIT Pain Pump here.

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