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After partnering with Compression Solutions for DVT devices, this surgery center got the customer support they needed.

One surgical center located in Las Vegas, Nevada specializes in outpatient bariatric procedures. In fact, this center has performed over 6,000 weight loss procedures in almost a decade.

This is a high-volume surgery center, performing surgeries on an average of seven patients each day, six days each week. However, one thing that makes this surgery center unique is that the majority of patients are out-of-state. In fact, the surgery center has treated patients from 49 different states.

Due to the surgery center’s expertise in outpatient bariatric procedures coupled with close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, it’s a prime place for out-of-state patients to visit.

However, post-surgery patients are typically less mobile. Combine surgical recovery with a long plane or car ride back home, the risk for deep vein thrombosis increases.

The team at this surgical center decided it was time to prescribe patients with compression sleeves following procedures in order to decrease the DVT risk. But, after the team had chosen a provider they were quickly disappointed.

“The product wasn’t what we expected,” says Rosie Avila, center manager. “We got returns from patients daily. It was painful.”

With patients returning compression products daily, Robert Hernandez, scrub tech, knew it was time for a change.

“I had just gotten off a call with our provider at the time dealing with this issue,” says Hernandez. “I walked out of my office and Joe had left his business card at the front desk. When I saw the company name was ‘Compression Solutions’ I went outside and introduced myself.”

Joe Reidel has worked with Compression Solutions for a decade selling DVT devices. After hearing the problem that Hernandez described, he knew the PlasmaFlow unit would be a great fit for the patients at this location. 

The implementation of the PlasmaFlow device was painless. Reidel was able to guide the staff on how to use the product and what to do if there are problems with the device.

“Now, we don’t get daily returns, maybe only a few returns each week.” says Avila.

But perhaps the highest value point, other than a quality product, is Compression Solutions’ customer service team.

“About 85% of our patients are out of state,” says Avila. “It’s amazing that a patient can contact customer service directly.”

Compression Solutions has a 24/7 customer support team that is composed of product experts based in the US. This team is available anytime a surgery center, surgeon, or patient needs help troubleshooting a product. And, if the product isn’t working, a new device will be shipped within 24 hours. This means the surgery center does not have to bother with product returns.

“To us, the product itself is good,” says Avila. “The surgeons and patients really like it. The difference and impact of the customer service really made the change easier.”

However, this center has further support. Riedel stays in touch with the surgery center, making sure that the product is working, and staff is happy.

“Joe has been amazing,” says Avila. “It’s rare you get these nice people that are available to you. Joe is always checking on us.”

“Definitely the customer service is top notch,” says Avila. “Joe is very valuable to us. And then also the post-op service in general is top notch. We haven’t received customers complaining and that’s valuable.”

“No complaints from patients or doctors,” says Hernandez. “We give it to patients and want to make sure the device is top-notch. This partnership means a lot to us and the patient.”

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