SCDS DVT Leg Wraps

SKU: TP-3636

Our SCDS DVT sleeves for calf, leg, thigh, and foot are made with soft, breathable fabric to ensure patient comfort and compliance. The EZ-fit DVT leg sleeves have a universal size and fit most patients. Although, we offer extender panels for the very few who require additional coverage. Sleeves will assist with orthopedic surgical recovery.

The SCDS DVT leg wraps are designed for DVT prevention and are part of the Triple Play VT line. Intermittent pneumatic compression devices used post-surgery help prevent blood clots. These sleeves wrap around a patient’s legs and simulate walking causing blood flow to increase through the leg veins. Along with a DVT prevention device, pneumatic compression helps reduce pain and promote healing. Learn more about the benefits of compression to prevent DVT here.

Aside from preventing deep vein thrombosis, here are other reasons that compression wraps may be right for your patient:

  • If a patient suffers from a medical condition or injury that limits mobility
  • Injury to a deep vein
  • Blood disorders that may cause clotting

Pneumatic compression is a great alternative to medication to prevent blood clots. If a patient complains about discomfort with the leg wraps, try using extenders for a more comfortable fit.

These compression sleeves are part of a DVT device when paired with the Triple Play pump. There is no PDAC letter for this item. Please see the pump for additional details.

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