This is a Q&A about what implementing Compression Solutions products

Using compression therapy to prevent deep vein thrombosis is not only effective, but safe and allows for a patient to rely on less medication postoperatively. Natural DVT prevention devices used following surgery also helps reduce chances of readmission rates. Read more about compression benefits here. 

“Per FDA submissions anticoagulant drugs contribute to the post operative bleeding concern,” says Jeff Struve, national sales manager at Compression Solutions. “Some patients are contraindicated for anticoagulant drugs We can help with this concern.”

But, paying for durable medical equipment can be a challenge. Especially for hospitals that constantly fight red tape, or surgery centers that are focused on profit margins, justifying prescribing compression therapy can be difficult. 

However, when partnering with Compression Solutions there are benefits that help offset the cost and directly benefit the patient.

What is the process for DME billing?

While most facilities have a set process for handling billing, Compression Solutions has a fully-staffed medical billing department. This means that DME products are shipped to a facility. Once the device is prescribed to a patient, Compression Solutions handles all of billings and collections for the product. 

Billing services include reimbursements, as well as billing for clinic or at home use. 

“A surgery center can outsource its DVT prevention to Compression Solutions and we will provide solutions for each billing or payment scenario,” says Struve.

Learn more about our medical billing service here

Is durable medical equipment covered under insurance?

This is a question that many facilities ask on behalf of their patients. The short answer is that most often the equipment is covered by insurance. However, if it isn’t covered our billing team will work with the individual patient to identify an affordable way to cover the device. 

When a physician prescribes one of our devices to a patient, the staff at Compression Solutions will work directly with the patient’s insurance company on payments. 

“Compression Solutions can provide a surgery center and or its patients an accurate assessment of coverage and cost,” says Struve.

How do we handle troubleshooting or damaged products? 

Working in a surgery center or hospital setting is stressful. The last thing administrative staff needs to concern with is faulty equipment. 

Compression Solutions has a team of US based product experts that answer support calls 24/7. So anyone- whether it be a hospital employee, patient, or someone assisting a patient can call with product questions. 

Sometimes, a faulty product is sent out. If this happens, Compression Solutions will send a replacement item within 24 hours to ensure the patient gets the care they need. 

“About 85% of our patients are out of state,” says Rosie Avila, Compression Solutions customer. “It’s amazing that a patient can contact customer service directly.”

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What products are eligible for medical billing? 

Compression Solutions can orchestrate the medical billing process for any of our prescribed products. This includes the cold compression wraps, ambIT, and PlasmaFlow

How to automate DME billing?

While implementing Compression Solutions products, there is a way to quickly implement DME billing. By integrating PRO-MAPP with your current EMR (electronic medical records) system, surgery centers can streamline their DME billing process. 

This system is fast to implement and will help eliminate inefficiencies with customer data entry, streamline the billing process, and eliminate post-operative dictation. 

“With PRO-MAPP we can do automated, customized dictation,” says Mike Berend, MD, PRO-MAPP user. “When I leave the OR, the dictation is already done and significantly reduces the days in accounts receivable.”

To learn more about Berend’s experience with PRO-MAPP click here. 

Moving Forward with Compression Solutions
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