Hip Replacement Recovery

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The ROM (range of motion) brace provides cold and intermittent compression therapy to reduce pain and swelling during hip replacement recovery. This brace provides rigid support with adjustable range of motion hinges to fit most patients while providing various ranges of motion. If you want a wrap without range of motion, check out our standard Triple Play Hip Wrap.

Here are applications to use the Hip ROM:

  • Hip replacement– This brace helps aiding with recovery providing ROM options alongside compression therapy.
  • Hemiarthroplasty- In this operation, half of a patient’s hip is replaced with an implant. For recovery, many surgeons recommend cryotherapy combined with intermittent compression. This combo helps patients lower pain scores and use less post-operative pain medication.
  • Hip resurfacing– This form of hip replacement surgery only places an implant in the area of a damaged tissue or bone. Pneumatic compression and cryotherapy have been successfully implemented to manage acute tissue damage.
  • Sprains, strains, or fractures– Hip fractures are a serious condition and one of the biggest causes of long-term disability. For a faster recovery, reduced pain and swelling, and DVT prevention, surgeons may prescribe cold therapy devices or compression devices.
  • Hip arthroscopy– While not invasive, it typically takes patients about six weeks to recover from a hip arthroscopy procedure. By adding the Hip ROM to the recovery process, patients can gain relief without adding extra medications to their routine.

There is no PDAC letter for this item. Please see the pump for additional details.

Before placing the Range of Motion brace on your hip, pull out the extension or flexion adjusting pin and place at the desired setting.

A range of motion brace allows for leg extension to be controlled.

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