E-Book Effective Pain Management After ASC Surgery

Conventional postoperative pain management poses risks of opioid misuse and dependency. In a world grappling with the opioid crisis, there’s a need for a transformative shift in how we manage pain after Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) procedures.

We’re excited to introduce our latest white paper, “Rethinking Pain: Effective Pain Management after ASC Surgery.” This comprehensive guide dives into the challenges healthcare professionals face in post-operative pain management, explores the opioid crisis, and introduces groundbreaking alternatives, with a spotlight on pain pumps.

Download this free e-book to learn more about:

  • Understanding the Opioid Crisis
  • Pain Management Complexity
  • The Evolving Needs of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)
  • Regulatory Changes and Scrutiny on Opioid Use
  • Opioid-Sparing and Opioid-Free Approaches
  • Different Types of Pain Pumps in the Market
  • Cost Efficiencies and Long-Term Savings
  • Medicare Coverage and Changing Reimbursement Landscape

The world of postoperative pain management is moving quickly, and ASCs are well-positioned to lead the charge. Download our white paper now and join us in rethinking pain for a healthier, safer future.

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