With a new year on the horizon, the time has come to start setting resolutions and goals for 2023. Working in a surgery center, there is constant hustle and bustle. It’s difficult to decide on annual goals when each day the goal is to survive. 

However, this is a list of resolutions for surgery centers that will ultimately help you have a brighter new year. 

Discover an Alternative to Opioids 

Surgery often leads to a prescription for narcotics. Which has historically been a necessity to treat severe acute pain. But with opioid addictions on the rise, many are looking for an alternative. The CDC reports almost 92,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020, with 75% of them involving an opioid. 

As medical technology continues to improve, there are new alternatives to opioids being introduced. For example, the ambIT electronic pain pump delivers intermittent medication. The pump will bolus anesthetic and numbing medication to manage breakthrough pain. This is done through a catheter placed in a surgical area or near a nerve and is set up during surgery. 

Eliminate Post-Op Dictation for Surgeons

One thing that doctors want to take off the table in the new year is post-operative dictation. In 2023, set a goal of implementing software will help streamline the surgical workflow. 

Using an anti-ERM system such as PRO-MAPP, have multiple benefits such as reducing time between service and billing by producing same-day op reports. But, as it gathers data throughout a surgery, it eliminates the need for post-op diction. This helps reduce patient data errors, and can save a surgery center upwards of $3,000 in monthly dictation fees. 

Learn how one surgeon implemented PRO-MAPP.

Save Room in the Budget To Adopt New Technology

HIMSS Future of Healthcare Report predicts that 80% of healthcare providers will increase their investments in technology over the next five years

The advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence in the surgery center continue to evolve. Robotics can help with anything from more precise cuts, to less invasive surgeries, to assisting surgeons with physically demanding tasks. 

Adopting this type of tech is expensive, but could help a surgeon perform more cases in a day. In addition the use of robotics could help extend a surgeon’s career. 

Learn more about how robotics can improve patient care. 

Continue to provide quality, out-patient surgeries for a fraction of the cost. 

Surgery centers continue to grow in popularity due to the ability to perform outpatient-surgeries, at a fraction of a hospital cost.

What makes surgery centers unique is that while highly regulated, patients feel like they are confident in their care. In fact, 92% of patents reported a high satisfaction from the service received from a surgery center. 

Safe and high quality paired with easy-to-schedule, outpatient surgeries, all at a lower cost than most hospitals is why surgery centers continue to grow in popularity.