Knee Compression Wrap

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Knee compression wraps can assist with pain relief and TKA recovery. While combatting DVT, intermittent compression has many benefits. These wraps provide cold and intermittent compression therapy to reduce pain and swelling. Fitted with condylar pads and joints and includes one gel pack. Fits circumference up to 27” above the knee cap and 26” below. Learn more about cold and compression therapy here.

Utilize the knee compression wrap for the following injuries:

Knee replacement– Also known as a total knee arthroplasty (TKA), knee replacement surgeries is often lead to post-surgical complications such as blood clots. By applying a knee compression wrap after surgery, the patient can help prevent DVT in a clinical setting or at home. Sequential compression will also assist with reduced swelling as well as pain relief.

ACL injuries– An ACL tear can take anywhere from six to nine months to fully heal. However, there are things patients can do to help speed recovery while reducing pain and swelling. By utilizing knee compression wraps, freshly oxygenated blood will be directed toward damaged tissue to stimulate healing.

Meniscus tears– Rest supported with ice and compression is the best way to heal a meniscus tear. However, with the Compression Solutions cryotherapy gel wraps, patients are able to cool injuries without using ice. Intermittent compression will assist with both pain and swelling.

Collateral ligament injuries– Also known as knee ligament sprains or tears, CLIs are common sports injuries. Symptoms of this injury include pain on the sides of the knee or severe swelling of the knee. After talking with a doctor, ask about treating the injury with cold compression devices. Learn more about collateral ligament injuries here.

Tendinitis– Tendinitis occurs with repetitive motion, stress to a joint, or repeated past injury flares. However, to treat and prevent tendonitis in the knee, a cold compression wrap can assist with recovery or healing. In addition, cold therapy will help with pain management.

Pain management– For those suffering from chronic knee pain, at-home intermittent knee compression combined with cold therapy could be a good option for relief.

Suggested HCPCS: L1820

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