Cold Therapy Machine for Elbow

SKU: TP-2222

For those looking for cold therapy machine for elbow, the Triple Play Elbow Pump combines cold and compression therapy to reduce pain and swelling. This wrap fits a circumference up to 26” above and below the elbow and includes one gel pack. Here are some ways to utilize this wrap:

  • Elbow replacement– Recovery from an elbow replacement surgery can take up to three months. While avoiding heavy lifting post-surgery, It’s important to implement plenty of rest as well as cold compression to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Interposition arthroplasty– As one way to alleviate elbow arthritis, an interposition arthroplasty is a surgery that forms a false joint. Reduce post-surgical swelling, utilize compression therapy after surgery.
  • Tommy John surgery– This surgery repairs torn ulnar collateral ligament inside the elbow with another tendon. Tommy John surgery help stabilize the elbow, reducing or eliminate pain. After surgery, Compression Solutions DVT devices can also help offset pain and swelling. Learn more about Tommy John surgery here.
  • Bursitis– Typically a sports injury, bursitis is the aggravation of the bursa from repetitive motions. Because inflammation is a common symptom of this injury, cold and compression therapy will reduce swelling.
  • Synovectomy– Synovectomy surgery removes inflamed joint tissue that causes pain and effects range of motion. The Triple Play Elbow Wrap will prevent DVT post surgery and help with the recovery process.

Suggested HCPCS: L3710

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Questions about the Triple Play Elbow Wrap

Each of the Compression Solutions Triple Play wraps are made for specific joints. This elbow wrap is created to perfectly fit around the elbow joint to provide cold and compression therapy. Cold therapy alleviates pain by chilling nerve endings and reduces swelling by restricting blood flow to the affected area.

When it comes to pain, typically ice is the best way to treat the pain and reduce swelling. However, heat can be helpful with older, lingering injuries.

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