Soothing Chronic Low Back Pain

SKU: TP-6420-SBP

This lumbar orthosis with gel pack covers L1-L5 of the spine. This wrap is ideal for low lumbar issues or chronic low back pain. The Triple Play Back Wrap with Small Back Panel is a modular brace that adjusts from 25″ – 55″ for universal fitting. The 11″ back panel covers is specific for treating lumbar issues.

Some reasons to use this wrap include:

  • Post-operative stabilization– Following back surgery stabilization is important to reduce possible problems with implants. When recovering from this type of surgery, often a surgeon or physical therapist will assign lumbar stabilization exercises such as a hamstring stretch or pelvic tilt. By utilizing the Triple Play Back Wrap with exercises, patients can decrease irritation and swelling while stimulating healing.
  • Chronic low back painThis is the leading cause of work limitations and effects 8% of all adults. Usually this type of irritation is caused by a pervious injury. In order to work towards recovery, some physical therapists would suggest intermittent compression.
  • Compression fractures– There are several ways to treat compression fractures including medication. But, cold compression therapy will help patients reduce pain and swelling without additional prescribed medications.

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Cold and compression combined helps ease pain and swelling.

The Triple Play has three ports for compression The orthotic wraps come with malleable re-freezable gel packs that fit inside the wrap for cold therapy.

The Triple Play orthotic wraps come with a hand pump you may use to inflate the wrap after returning your pump, if desired. Simply cut the tubing with a scissors just below the insertion into the wrap, then insert the barbed connector on the bulb into the tubing, and squeeze and release the pump to inflate the wrap.

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