By allowing access for required insurance claims documentation, Kimberly Allen MLS, BSN, RN was able to spend more time with patients and less time working on administrative tasks. 

Allen manages a bariatric surgery center that is part of a larger hospital conglomerate. When she took on this role, the center had just signed a contract with Compression Solutions as a take-home DVT provider and billing company.

Onboarding with Compression Solutions

This surgery center had a take-home DVT provider that stopped serving the center with only one week’s notice. Another facility medical rep recommended they use Compression Solutions as a DVT provider.

After further investigating, the administration decided that Compression Solutions could provide the products in an appropriate timeframe. But also, their service included a robust customer service department that would help patients with questions or problems. 

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“I first heard about Compression Solutions when I took over my current role, they were just implementing the new equipment,” says Allen. “So, I got in on the ground floor.” 

Compression Solutions is providing a product to help accompany the patient care happening inside the center.

“Our patients have SCD units that are used in the hospital and then the take-home units are given to them with instructions. The patient uses the device for the first six weeks of their post-op period,” says Allen. 

Allen says the onboarding of the new products went well. Brian Stowell, senior programs manager, coordinated the onboarding process. 

“They are a customer who has previously utilized outside DME vendors,” said Stowell. “So, it was an easy adoption to our processes.”

Patients like the product and enjoyed the extra support through the customer service hotline. However, there was one major flaw in the process that affected administration at this center.

The Problem: Excess Paperwork 

“The devices were ordered in, and at first the process of getting them to the patient was simple as we do the education,” says Allen. “But the initial paperwork that we were doing was quite cumbersome.” 

Similar to all billed DME devices, the nurse was responsible for filling out the patient’s bill sheet.

However, Allen also had to print documents such as the H&P, operative notes, and other related documents. 

“The process was quite time-consuming, especially on days when we had several patients,” says Allen. 

Allen is spending less time with patients when administrative tasks such as billing paperwork become time intensive.

The Solution: Submitting Digital Claims 

That’s when Stowell got to work setting up a process to submit claims digitally. 

“One initial request we needed to make was to get approval for the access into their EMR from their legal and compliance department,” says Stowell. “We worked with the facility’s general council, and they found that because Compression Solutions is a licensed DME and healthcare provider we are a covered entity and have the ability to pull PHI from their EMR system.”  

Facilities can send digital insurance billing documentation to Compression Solutions by allowing access to the electronic medical records, or EMR system. 

“Megan Snodgrass with Compression Solutions can log in, and access all of the documentation she needs to correctly bill insurance,” says Allen. “Megan has been great to work with.”

Before, it could take upwards of an hour just to print and assemble billing paperwork. Not to mention, the extra cost of paper and ink for the large volume of pages that needed to be printed.

A Promising Partnership

Once the process to set up digital documentation was established, the relationship was smooth sailing. 

“The billing form is straightforward and easy to use, and the new billing process has been a game changer for us,” says Allen. 

In addition to less paperwork, the product has been well received by patients and clinicians. 

“We haven’t had any incidents of post-op DVT since using the product,” says Allen. “So that’s a testament. The device is easy to use, and patients are using them,” says Allen.

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