We are gearing up to attend this year’s annual meeting in Las Vegas! This year, the academy is expecting big crowds with lots of opportunities to make up for restrictions in recent years.

However, before orthopedic device distributors and surgeons make their way to Sin City, there are plenty of networking and educational opportunities to pre-plan prior. Here are a few things you don’t want to miss: 

Welcome Party: Exclusive Around the World Whisky Tasting

Compression Solutions is hosting an exclusive private whiskey tasting featuring premium drinks from around the world. This is an event for medical device sales reps ready to disrupt the orthopedic industry. We can show you how to increase your product offerings and ultimately make more commissions than last year. 

If this sounds interesting to you, click here for more information. 

Tech Talks

One of Compression Solutions’ favorite events to attend are held inside the convention each year. TechTalks present the latest surgical technology showcasing each device and how it benefits hospital staff and surgeons. From telehealth to patient wearables, these series seem to get more interesting each year as technology advances. These sessions are scheduled Wednesday-Friday at various times. 

Click here to learn about The Next Generation for 5 Healthcare Technologies for Surgery Centers.


The combo of an educational program with stunning visualizations can be found inside the OrthoDome. This showcase presents surgical techniques and devices in 4K resolution with 3D video. This is a new series that launched at last year’s annual meeting. 

The OrthoDome will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Exhibit Hall Happy Hour

On Thursday at the annual meeting, the academy will be hosting a happy hour in the main hall to promote networking between exhibitors, innovators, and surgeons. 

Drinks will be served over interesting conversations about upcoming innovations in the orthopedic industry. This event will be held inside the exhibit hall on Thursday from 3-5 p.m.

See you at this year’s Annual Academy Meeting!