We strive to give every doctor and patient the best experience with Triple Play products possible. Here’s what some of our customers have to say.


“It was an outstanding machine and helped tremendously in my post-op. Thanks!” – Bob D.

“Amazing invention! Helped me so much.” – Valerie K.

“I’m a retired RN and I can’t stop telling people about this device and post-op advantage.” – Zane S.

“What a blessing to be able to take this home to use.” – Richard H.

“Great customer service!” – Herb P.

“The Triple Play VT machine was very helpful in my recovery” – Mary G.

“Very easy to use and carry with you.” – Juana C.

“Machine worked perfect. I did not want to let it go!” – Vicki W.

“Appreciated its quietness a lot!” – David H.

“I really loved having this after surgery. Made me feel better about not developing a DVT!” – Kristen D.

“Worked well with no problems. Very soothing.” – Patricia G.

“Easy to use. Surprised that the battery lasted so long.” – Tahani M.

“I believe it really helped with blood circulation and sped up my recovery.” – Miguel R.