Knee Surgery Recovery Brace

SKU: TP-4453

For knee surgery recovery, this range of motion wrap gives patients the support to take charge of their recovery. The ROM Knee Brace is universally sized with adjustable knee joints, positional orthosis with rigid support. This brace provides compression therapy, but also includes one gel pack for cold therapy. Gel pack may be removed and replaced while keeping brace on leg. For a knee wrap without range of motion, click here.

Here are some application to use the ROM Knee Brace:

  • ACL injuries– An ACL tear can take anywhere from six to nine months to fully heal. However, there are things patients can do to help speed recovery while reducing pain and swelling. By utilizing knee compression wraps, freshly oxygenated blood will be directed toward damaged tissue to stimulate healing.
  • Meniscus tears– Rest supported with ice and compression is the best way to heal a meniscus tear. However, with the Compression Solutions cryotherapy gel wraps, patients are able to cool injuries without using ice. Intermittent compression will assist with both pain and swelling.
  • Fractures– This brace can help the bone stay in place if knee fracture does not require surgery or cast. Otherwise, this range of motion knee brace will help with therapy after a cast comes off or post-surgery. Compression helps decrease swelling, as well as DVT prevention.
  • Arthritis– Cold therapy combined with intermittent compression can help provide relief to those suffering from arthritis.

Suggested HCPCS: L1832 / L1833

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