Ankle Injury or Foot Injury Support and Compression

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The short boot walker fitted with Triple Play Ankle Wrap combines cold and compression therapy. This is an ambidextrous boot, fitting either the left or right foot . Gel packs fit inside wrap to combine cryotherapy with intermittent compression. This wrap has up to 12″ circumference around the ankle and includes a gel pack.

When to use the Triple Play Boot Walker

  • Foot or ankle sprains– This type of injury varies in severity. A minor sprain can heal in a couple of weeks. But, a more serious injury can take up to 12 weeks to fully heal. Swelling and pain are common symptoms of a sprain. This is where intermittent compression can help stimulate recovery and lessen symptoms.
  • Foot or ankle fractures– If you’ve fractured a foot or ankle, it’s time to see a doctor. Sometimes, a fracture could even require a splint or surgery. The worst type of fracture could even require surgery. After meeting with a doctor, treat the ankle injury with cold compression therapy to relieve pain or swelling post injury or post surgery.
  • Tendinitis– Stress from a repetitive motion causes tendinitis. This is an avoidable injury if adequate recovery happens between tasks. It can be avoided by adequate recovery between tasks. Both cold and compression can be applied between activities in order to help Here is more information on preventing tendinitis.
  • Pain management– Cold therapy helps patients manage pain without additional medication.

Suggested HCPCS: L4361

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The boot walker wraps around the ankle as well as the foot. When wrapped onto the joint, you can use a pump to inflate the device to air intermittently to squeeze out swelling from the affected site. Gel packs are included inside the boot that can be frozen inside a freezer. When cold is combined with this compression it minimizes pain.

The Triple Play Boot Walker allows for patients recovering from surgery apply cold and compression therapy to the ankle. This device can help with pain and inflammation.

After freezing the ice packs, a patient can usually use the boot for 20 minutes before the packs need to be placed back in a freezer.

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