DME Compression for Back Pain

SKU: TP-6480-LBP

Nearly 65 million Americans suffer from back pain according to a study from Georgetown University. This DME compression device provides intermittent compression with a gel pack to provide iceless cold therapy to relieve irritation and swelling. This lumbar orthosis wrap treats L5-T9 on the spine.

Depending on the severity and location of the ache, this modular brace that adjusts from 25″ – 55″ for universal fitting. The 14″ back panel covers L5 – T9 of the spine, making it ideal for lower to mid-back.

Applications from this back wrap include:

  • Post-operative stabilization– Along with exercises demonstrated by a physical therapist, this wrap is great for post-op stabilization especially between or during therapy sessions. Use wraps after surgery with a script from a doctor or physical therapist.
  • Chronic low back painThis diagnosis effects 20% of the US population. Also, it is defined by pain that continues for 12 weeks. DME compression can help relieve symptoms while reducing swelling.
  • Compression fractures– Compression fractures usually heal on their own within three months. Doctors may prescribe treatments like physical therapy, exercises, medications, and a brace to assist with symptoms during the healing process. This cold compression wrap will help reduce symptoms of a compression fracture.

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